PHOTO CAPTION: Uniti One electric car concept will come with 22kWh battery offer 300km range.

Buy This Swedish EV, Get Solar Power Recharges for Free

Swedish startup Uniti One plans to begin production of their compact electric car in early 2019 with an unusual and possibly pacesetting deal: free solar power for five years.

Published: 09-Dec-2017

A full-scale preproduction concept version of the Uniti One electric car, designed by a young Swedish startup, with help from Siemens, debuted this week with the aim of "reinventing the city car." The two seater with the driver and passenger in tandem arrangement like the Renault Twizy, with which it also shares a "quadracycle' classification in Europe, will come with a 22kWh battery, which in a normal EV like the Nissan LEAF would translate into something around 90 miles of driving range, instead will propel the super-light (450kg/992lbs) vehicle 300 km (186 miles). Curiously, part of the battery is hot-swappable, giving it an additional 30km driving range if needed. Also, solar panels embedded in the rooof can add a bit more range on a sunny day, estimated at around 10 km (6mi).

While the Uniti One isn't a Tesla Roadster 2, by any means, it's no slouch in the acceleration department, hitting zero-to-50 mph in 3.5 seconds thanks to twin electric motors with combined 40bhp.

The company says it has in the neighborhood of a 1000 pre-orders with each putting down a surprisingly modest 1,400SK ($165US). The current two-place version of the car runs between 145,000-199,000 Krona ($17,00-23,500US) depending on how its equipped. To sweeten the deal, Swedish buyers also will get free solar power to charge the car at home for five years through a special arrangement with E.On, a European energy producer.

Intriguingly, future versions of the car, which will also be offered in 4 and 5 passenger versions, may also be equipped with autonomous driving, though not the first model, which is slated to begin manufacture in Malmo, Sweden in early 2019.

interior Uniti One electric car

interior Uniti One electric car

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